Genearal rules



All participants of the excursion are required to observe the information and to subscribe to the contractual conditions of participation.
Below you can find and possibly download the complete reference documentation.
The Environmental Hiking Guide:
According to the regional law 33/01 is defined GAE:  "Who for profession accompanies individuals or groups of people in areas of natural and environmental value illustrating the characteristics ". (See full text)

The environment in which we move is a mountain environment, depending on the routes can present different degrees of difficulty and the equipment is a key element.
Being well equipped means both individual and collective security .
Clothes, equipment and personal accessories are necessary, such as for example a good pair of hiking shoes. Indeed from dusty trails to southwest slick rock, or mucky trails of temperate regions, a good pair of hiking shoes makes the experience more memorable.
Windbreaker in case of rain, warm clothing such as sweater or thermal jerseys are essential to move in total safety.
From dusty trails to southwest slick rock, or mucky trails of temperate regions, a good pair of hiking shoes makes the experience more memorable.

Excursions in the snow-covered environment:
Note: regional Law No. 22 of August 6, 2009-Art. 44 cites as follows:
Paragraph 2of article 30 of L.R. 2/2009, as amended by regional Law No 7 of 12 March 2009, shall be replaced by the following:
"Those who practise ski touring, off-piste skiing and hiking activities, in snow-covered areas, even with snowshoes, outside the skiable area and the routes identified by the municipalities, are required to equip themselves with special electronic systems (ARTVA), to ensure a suitable emergency intervention.  "

Therefore all the guided excursions that can be organized and proposed will ask  participants to be equipped with the rescue kit.

Those who do not have it have to inform the organization that will provide it for the duration of the excursion.
In this case a contribution for the temporary rental may be required.

Travel time:
The travel times indicated in the technical sheets for the itineraries, are deduced from the normal hiking averages, implemented by staging times, which for organizational reasons are necessary to be able to explain, observe and for any necessary break. 

The difficulties mentioned refer to the CAI table. (see table CAI)
The notes on each card specify, when necessary, the optimum conditions required to be able to make the programmed itinerary.
In the table below, there are also itineraries of particular difficulties or requiring specific equipment and therefore are not included in the activities proposed on this site, but for your personal information and for correctness I decided to illustrate the complete scale of difficulties without removing anything.            

Differences in height:
The differences in the itinerary are deduced from the topographical maps.

Cancellation of the excursion:
It may, happen that some participant arrive at the meeting point in conditions of equipment not suitable to carry out the excursion as indicated in the presentation card, even though it should not happen.
That said, those people may not be allowed to take part to the excursion in order to avoid the risk for their safety and that of the group, as well as having to renounce the continuation of the excursion by penalising the whole group.
For further information or doubt do not hesitate to contact me.

Conditions for participation:
At the beginning of each excursion all participants must take the view and subscribe to the contractual conditions of participation. (Go to form)

Reservations for excursions can arrive even at the last day, but it is advisable to book with a few days in advance, in order to give to the organization enough time to prepare the excursion.
Reservations must be possible via email by filling out the appropriate form. (Book now)

The place of the appointment is indicated on the Excursion tab.
For further info do not hesitate to contact me.